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Guide to Real Property Investment in Portugal People buy real estate properties in other countries for many different reasons. Some countries have very good climate indeed or choosing another country would mean to some, a new way of life. For whatever reason you have, if you decide to move to another country, it will be a major decision in your life. There are many things to consider if you decide to live abroad like where to live, where you get you daily living needs, school for your children, and other important matters. You just have to make sure that you will be making a financially viable decision. If you are planning to buy property in another country, you should consider buying in Portugal. The benefits of living in Portugal will be in terms of return on investment and lifestyle. the time it takes to reach Portugal from London is only 2 hours and 40 minutes. This place can be a perfect weekend retreat or the place for your permanent home since it is easily accessible.
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The tourism industry in Portugal is also booming. There is no over population in Portugal. This becomes a perfect place to have a holiday home which you can rent out if you are away. It will also be a good place for permanent residence.
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Golf courses also abound in this country. Thousands of golfers come to this country every year to play the sport. Retirees who love playing golf would find Portugal an ideal place to live in. Since 1986, Portugal has been a member of the EU and is a politically stable country. EU investments have helped improve the transport infrastructure of Portugal which resulted in the growth of their economy. And, you can go to Portugal without a visa to live and work there if you are from another EU country. Portugal boasts of a great and stunning climate. There is sunshine in many months of the year in this country. They have long coastlines with over 200 beaches and 14 marinas which provide stunning waterfront apartments over the coast. These beaches can give you quiet secluded spots or party havens for a more exciting time. It is a big commitment to move to another country. If you want to finance your lifestyle then you can start your own business. When it comes to corporate taxes, Portugal has some of the lowest ones in western Europe. The property market in Portugal has risen considerable. Portugal is on top when it comes to locations for investments. Portugal also has good international schools for the expat communities. Their levels of education are high and they are cheaper than many UK private schools.