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Retro Housing Logo: Why it may Work for You

Recently, retro logo designs have been making its comeback if you have noticed. Lots of companies have been doing their switch, even big companies, and there’s a good reason why.

Logos are very important aspects of any sort of branding. Yet still, many organizations get it wrong. Most often than not, it’s a case of trying to be too witty, or treating the logo as an afterthought or something. Remember that your logo, makes the first impression of your business. It stands as a representation of your identity and the representation of your products. Just take a hint from some very well known businesses. They are so identifiable, people immediately know what they mean.

So what does your logo have to tell to the people? Trust, quality and reliability, these things must ooze out from your logos to make it a very strong brand. And nostalgia goes hand in hand with trust. People would talk about the good old days, how things were like before, and how some certain things are better how they were at their time. There’s this sort of inbuilt trust factor. So use it to your advantage and apply it in any way on your logo. The bigger ones in the industry already had the idea. And a year ago, a company reused their old original 1971 logo. They stated it was to reinforce the brand’s integrity at that time. There was also this company who had just recently started, some time in 2003 but their logo was somehow taken out of a time capsule from the 20’s.

If you had previously thought that retro logo designs can only be applicable to old fashioned products you are definitely wrong. It will work on anything, from garments to dresses to drinks to food arcades and even to new housing.

If you remember, it was forestated that your logo should say “I’m trustworthy. You can add to that safety, security and protection and anything that a home can actually give you. Therefore it is the best fit to use a retro logo housing design.

The idea of having a roof over their heads can actually feel very much comforting to some other types of people. Let’s say some folks, some group of friends, some lovely are looking for something with the feel of new homes gold coast. A retro logo design is perfect to remind them the better days and childhood fun holidays in this seaside paradise. It gives us a time machine ride back to those times, the simpler times were things weren’t so complicated yet and the only thing to worry is the ice cream melting on out tired hands.