The Massive Impact Scenting can Have on Your Business

Sometimes, the way a place smells tends to attract people, and this is exactly what many businesses are looking to do. One way this can be achieved is by actively and purposefully using scenting products. A way for a business to do this without seeming overt is to use products to scent the air coming out of an HVAC system. While this may not seem like something a business would spend a great of time and effort on, when it comes to certain businesses, especially retail business, the results of use of a particular scent can be extraordinary.

Customers Will Stay Longer

A retail location that has a pleasant scent is a place people tend to stay in longer. The scent should avoid being overpowering, but subtle, pleasant scents, as research has proven, can keep people at a store for longer periods of time. This goes hand in hand with research that shows businesses that use subtle scents enjoy increased sales. This would stand to reason as the longer a customer stays in a store, the more likely they will be to purchase something.

Bolstering a Brand

While it might be surprising to some, the tactical and appropriate use of scents can help with branding purposes. What a business does, the products and services offered, and the way those things are delivered can be strongly connected with a particular scent. Sometimes, an identifying marker of a business may be people thinking about a clothing or furniture store that smells nice. In this respect, scents can be a powerful branding motivator.

How it Works

The real question is how can a business take advantage of this? Incorporating a scent into an existing HVAC system is quite easy. Typically, a service will come out and install an aroma diffuser to inject small levels of aromas into the HVAC’s air delivery system. This allows low but noticeable scents to fill a given space. In addition, these diffusers are easy to install and pose no risk or harm to the HVAC system.

With as pleasant and as powerful as a scent can be, especially in how it relates to your business, you may want to consider such an option. With how it can positively impact your business, your brand, your sales and even the productivity of your staff, it’s certainly something worth looking into.