Montana Acreage for Sale: The Dream Awaits

Montana is one of the most sparsely populated states. The large expanse of land is home to only about one million residents. Someone hoping to buy a ranch in Montana can find a large number of listings featuring substantial acreage. Beautiful homes are available in some of the listings, and property without any residential structures also can be purchased. One prospective property buyer might be attracted to 100 acres on a lake, while others want 500 or even 5,000 acres to call home.

Livestock and Wildlife Ranchland

Traditionally, a ranch has been defined as a large piece of land on which livestock graze. Beef cattle, sheep, and horses are the most common animals on ranches, although some property owners raise bison, goats, ostriches, and other animals. A ranch also can be defined as a large tract of land that is primarily used for hunting and fishing and it may not have any domestic livestock at all. Instead, it may be home to elk, bear, antelope, and deer. Landowners may allow others to participate in activities such as hunting for trophy elk and fly fishing for trout.

Tourist Ranches

Some ranches are only for tourists who come to stay for a while and ride horses, hunt, fish, hike, and backpack. Winter activities also are featured on these types of ranches. Guests can go snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. This type of property essentially functions as a resort rather than a working ranch, although the people who run the place would emphasize there is, indeed, a great deal of work involved along with the recreational opportunities.

Living the Dream

Property listings of country acreage present a possible dream coming true for individuals who long to live in the scenic beauty of Montana and to experience the great outdoors every day. With the big blue sky above, mountains nearby or in the distance, and long stretches of prairie grass ahead, they know they’ll enjoy serenity while living far from any large city. Someone who would like to view Montana ranches for sale may take a look at a website like Sports Afield Trophy Properties and contact the real estate agent for the listing if interested in any of them.