Making The Right Choices In Bathroom Vanity Selection

Making the right choices in selecting the size and style of the bathroom vanity can make a huge difference in both the functionality and appearance of the bathroom. Most people find out just how important the vanity has become when confronted with these choices during a remodeling project. Contractors on new house constructions of course already know ahead of time what vanity selection will work best in the completed bathroom.

Imperatives And Choices

Let’s tick off these items here one by one. The style vanity that is ultimately chosen depends upon how well it will blend in with the overall bathroom design, and the necessary functional design items in the unit itself. If a bathroom already has available storage space, selection for style rather than utility may be considered. If storage is an important consideration, then style must take a secondary consideration to functionality.

Consider the needs for a kids bathroom, for example. This is likely to be the smallest one in the house and will not have much in the way of cabinetry. It will be necessary therefore to pick a size and style of vanity that affords the greatest storage volume underneath the sink and sufficient drawer space to hold toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs and hairbrushes, hand mirrors, and basic first-aid items.

For a half-bathroom usually located just off the kitchen or laundry room, it is likely the homeowner can get away with the smallest single-sink vanity that can be fitted or even nothing more than a freestanding sink. After all, with just a sink and a toilet, storage space for towels, washcloths and other items really is not important for this space. Therefore, only the most basic of vanity units is necessary here.

The full bathrooms are those that will necessitate a more careful balancing of style and function. There is more space to play with, and final decisions will depend upon the size of the bathroom and its design configuration. Large master bathrooms practically require a full-size vanity with multiple sinks to occupy one full side. It is in medium- and small-sized bathrooms that the homeowner has to choose among a list of options to satisfy particular needs.

Making The Final Selections

Ultimately, the size and shape of the bathroom will determine the choices for the vanity. The real trick is finding that right balance between aesthetics and utility. Always, however, function is the more important factor than form.