I Have Been Looking for a Roommate

I have just been here for a couple of months, and until now I have been living in a little hotel off of the highway. I have been looking for nice apartments for rent in Oceanside CA, but obviously I am thinking that it would be a lot more affordable if I could get a reliable roommate. That is not ever that simple of course. You do not need to just find the first person that presents himself or herself. You need a person who is obviously going to be there with the rent when it comes due. You do not need someone who is impossible to get along with either. That just does not work for me, especially since I can be rather difficult myself. So you do want a person with a good job, who will not come home one day and tell you they lost the job. Worse yet you do not want one that will lose their job and not tell you at all.

That happened to me one time when I was in college. The person that I stayed with was actually a very attractive girl and she knew that I knew she was good looking, so she would use that against me. At any rate she disappeared owing me two months rent with another one due. I had told her that she had to either pay up or move out, so she moved out and later I found that she had done the same thing to her boyfriend. If I had the natural ability to take advantage of men, then I could not guarantee that I would not abuse it. In fact the point is that you have to do some homework and try to protect yourself as well as you can when you get a roommate.