Four Ways to Prep Your Car for a Big Move to Another State

When you plan a big move to another state, you have lots to think about and prepare for. One of the most important elements of your move is your car. How do you get your vehicle from your old home to your new home? Do you drive it with your family and rely on someone else to follow along with your moving boxes? Or, do you take the professional route and load up your car with moving companies in St. Petersburg FL that specialize in automotive?

If you picked the latter, read on for how to prep your car before the movers come to haul your car to your new home in another state.

Get Your Car Serviced with a Full Inspection and Work-Up

Before anything else, you need to ensure your car is reliable. The movers will, after all, be driving it up and down the ramp to get from destinations A to B. Find a reputable automotive shop with reliable mechanics and ask for a full inspection with a service work-up to discover any problems.

Fix Any Problems That Arise During the Work-Up

To play off of the aforementioned mechanic suggestion, you need to gauge the immediate need of the work-up and fix the worst problems. It’s ideal if you can fix everything that might be wrong with your car. However, with preparing for a move, money might be tight. Ergo, you should resolve the worst automotive issues first and save minimal problems for after the move.

Remove Personal Valuables, Disable the Alarm, and Remove Accessories

Like anything else, you are responsible for your personal valuables and automotive accessories. If anything should happen to your car on-route to another state, you need to know that your personals are safe. So, don’t put them in the car. Keep them with you. Or, better yet, stick accessories in a moving box that you can put elsewhere for safekeeping until you reach your destination.

Ask the Professional Auto Transporter for Further Advice and Instructions

If you are new to moving—automotive and all, ask the professional auto transporter on advice on how to make the car move go smoothly. If there are any further instructions or things you need to do to prepare your car, it’s in their job description to let you know.