Finding Happiness on the West Coast

When you hear about midlife crises, it is usually about a guy who goes out and buys a sports car. I would say it is rare for it to be about a woman who moves all the way across the country, but I had never heard of anyone else doing that before. For me, I just needed a new start, a fresh break from the humdrum life that had become mine. After a lot of thought, I started looking at apartments in Mission Viejo CA because it seemed like the perfect place to just start over with a clean slate.

I was not running away from anything really. I had a good job, and I was living a comfortable lifestyle. I was also so bored that I wanted to scream. I had no excitement in my life, and that is when I started thinking about moving. I had always loved California, so that is where I started my search. I had no ties to where I had been living back in Pennsylvania, so that made the move even easier. I chose Mission Viejo because there were a lot of good employment options for me there.

That left finding a nice apartment, which turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. I was able to look at everything about the Renew at the Shops apartments online. I saw pictures of both the interior of the apartments as well as the grounds, the floor plans for the different available units, and all of the listed amenities too. I fell in love with the quaint one bedroom unit and community amenities, and that is when I decided to just go for it. I applied to live there, knowing I would have months before I had to find a job, thanks to my savings. Now that I am living here, I have found the happiness that always eluded me on the east coast.