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Men In The Show Modern Family – Find Out About Who They Are

And because we want you to get familiar with the casts of the ABC show Modern Family, most especially the award winning actors they have, we present to you this article containing every single information we gathered about them.

ABC’s Modern Family premiered in the year two thousand nine and ever since then, it has been receiving tons of recognition and appreciation not only from the viewers, but also from award giving bodies as how they are nominated for twenty five Screen Actors Guild Awards, eighteen Writers Guild of America Award, and twelve Awards for Golden Globe as well. And surely, there is no way that we can be filled with the men that made up the three varying families of the show, with the geeky Phil, the world-weary and oftentimes mad Pritchett, Jay, and the laid back Cam who is the partner of quirky Mitchell.

One of the cast of Modern Family that we want you to know is Phil Dunphy and one thing about Phil Dunphy that makes him a charming character is how he is geeky and nerdy but still do not know about it at all. Phil has three kids and he is the kind of father which causes embarrassment to them every time he has the chance to do so. Although Phil is known as a klutz and a certified geek, he still shares a deep and special bond with his son Luke who indulges and at the same time entertain the ludicrous behavior he has. As a dad and a husband, Phil shows his manly side by being protective of his two lovely daughters, Alex and Hayley and doting and spoiling Claire, his wife. Another thing about Phil Dunphy that you should know of is that his profession is being a realtor hence, he is knowledgeable with regards to what makes a good real estate agent.

Another man of the Modern Family show that we want to introduce to you is Pritchett, Jay, the typical sugar daddy and Gloria’s husband who is also the owner of the store closet and blinds. According to the show, Jay is both Claire (the while of Phil) and Mitchell’s (Cam’s partner) dad, and Manny, the son of Gloria’s step-dad. Though he may be seem as a tough looking, macho man with how he was part of the military in the past, he is still a kind hearted soul which shows with how he interacts with his children.