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How To Overcome The Fear Of Change Holding You Down

Most people are never quite comfortable with the prospect of change. The prospect of change facing us will to some be a real cause of distress and discomfort. It gets hard trying to understand how the people who never mind change get by the feelings often associated with it. However the flip side is that we can find some ways with which we can deal with this feeling which can get so debilitating to some.

You will first and foremost need to acknowledge and accept the fear that so resides in you. After such an acceptance, you need to start working on plans which will go towards making the seemingly unbearable situation bearable. The fear of change is a great obstacle to many people reaching their full potential and you surely don’t want to be in this situation. This is your time to get past this disabling feling.

Have a journal maintained in the process. Maintain a journal which will be a record of all your fears and their causes. You will in the journal a record of all the emotions you feel when you are faced with fear and the effects of these feelings in your life. The journal should also include in it a list of your hopes for the future and the possible plans you may have to achieve or realize your hopes and dreams. The journal is a great way of relieving yourself of the pent up negative feelings which are really proving to hold you down on your path to success. It offers you a perfect means to have another view of the situation you are facing. Whenever you have yourself decoding a particular situation, it is always a good idea to have a balanced view of the situation facing you. Look at the best and worst moments in a particular situation which is causing you all the negative feelings.

The next step is to have a focus on the exciting and thrilling feelings . Have a view of the situations confronting you from a stand point which will excite you and not the perspective which will cause you fear. This is essentially going to transform your energies from negative to positive and prove a chain reaction to the whole situation. Focus a lot on the possibilities of a new start and fresh beginnings and never let fear cripple you by making you see all the new horizons as something impossible. Remember that you chose to embrace change for the benefits it will bring to you. This is basically affording you a second chance at living your life to its full potential.