4 Ways to Remodel Your Garage

Garages can be so much more than storage spaces filled with tools and half-forgotten holiday decorations. If you’re willing to put in the effort, your garage can become one of the most useful areas of your home. Here are just a few tips for remodeling it in a functional and fashionable way.

  1. Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting can make or break your garage. The ideal lighting, however, will depend on what you’re actually doing in there. If you want to showcase your cars, you’ll need something a lot fancier than portable lights meant to be strung over benches and work tables. Make sure that you consider the purpose of your bulbs and bars before you actually install them.

  1. Think About Organization

This is especially important if you have limited space for things like home improvement projects. You won’t want to waste any square footage, so get your tools and household goods off the floor. Install shelves, hooks, racks and pin boards that can hold them while you use the floor space for more meaningful things.

  1. Replace the Door

If you’re still using the garage door that came with the place, you’re missing out on prime opportunities for customization. For example, you can get a wooden garage door that gives your home’s exterior a rustic, country look, or you can get a sleek and futuristic garage door with all kinds of built-in technology. You won’t know your options until you reach out to someone like the Genie Garage Door Company.

  1. Strip the Floor

If you’re anything like most homeowners, the floor of your garage has probably seen better days. But what if you stripped it and started fresh? Not only could you rid yourself of the gross and grimy layers that have accumulated over the years, but you could also lay down something that comes with no-slip and no-stain properties. It’ll benefit you in multiple ways.

These are just a few tips for renovating your garage. If you’re tired of the dull, dreary space that you’ve come to hate, it’s time to make a change and give yourself the garage that you’ve always wanted!