Wash Office Carpets with a Polisher Machine

Washing office carpet will certainly be a difficult job for employees who are not accustomed to handling the job. That is the function of the existence of a carpet cleaning service provider or cleaning service such as the Zionsville Carpet Cleaning that will be able to handle these tasks well. Office carpet, of course, has an above-average size. The condition is also definitely dirty and dusty compared to the carpet that is used daily at home. This is reasonable because there are more office dwellers and activities on the carpet are also more intense.

How to Wash Office Carpets with Polisher Machine

How to wash carpets requires techniques and ways that not everyone can. Various types of dirt can stick to the carpet from dust, soil and dirt carried by shoes, the spill of drinks, food broth, sauces and much more. the level of thickness of the carpet is also a challenge when washing it. This is the reason why office carpet cleaning services are now increasingly available. Some of these service providers are specifically carpet cleaning services like laundry, some are integrated with comprehensive cleaning services.

For those of you who have the time and desire to clean the carpet independently, it seems to be very heavy. This is because the carpet washing process requires quite diverse equipment. For this reason, it is better to wash the carpet, especially office carpet, in collaboration with the carpet cleaning service provider. The office carpet cleaning service provider already has equipment and cleaning materials that are sophisticated and qualified. Some of the equipment needed to wash carpets includes carpet polisher machines, vacuum cleaners, carpet-specific shampoo or soap, water, and special carpet deodorizers.

After some equipment and special carpet, cleaning materials have been prepared, the next step is to enter the steps of washing the carpet. These steps include:

  • Install a special carpet brush with finer bristles so it doesn’t damage the carpet fibers on the polisher machine.
  • Mixing shampoo or soap specifically for carp with water in a ratio of 1:20 then stirring evenly.
  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner and then vacuum all over the carpet surface.
  • Put the mixture of shampoo and water into the gallon polisher machine.
  • Run a polisher machine by applying carpet shampoo and brushing in an irregular direction.
  • Vacuum the remaining water on the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Spraying special carpet deodorizer and the process was completed.

Professional Cleaning Service Providers

Most people do not have time to clean the house and wash the carpet. This is due to busy or does not have special knowledge, especially in terms of washing carpets. The solution to this problem is cooperation with carpet cleaning service providers.…